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Welcome to Tropical
Fitness Collective!

Welcome to Khao Lak's Premier Fitness Retreat! Nestled in Thailand's
tropical paradise, our retreat offers a haven for fitness enthusiasts seeking
rejuvenation and transformation.

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Come train and recharge with us in Thailand's stunning natural playground!

Welcome to Khao Lak's Premier Fitness Retreat! Nestled in Thailand's tropical paradise, our retreat offers a haven for fitness enthusiasts seeking rejuvenation and transformation. At Tropical Fitness Collective, we blend invigorating workouts with holistic wellness practices to nurture both body and soul...

Transform your Physical Health

Join us to improve strength, endurance, mobility and mindfulness.

Body Transformations

Kickstart your body transformation Journey. We work with all levels looking to lose fat or build muscle.


Explore a wealth of knowledge, tips, and insights regarding nutrition that will empower your diet and overall health.

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Explore our Packages!

7 Day package

Join us for an all inclusive week in paradise where you will have access to in person seminars, cultural activities and a personalized health & fitness program.

10 Day package

Our all inclusive 10 day package is perfect to kickstart your health & fitness journey in a Tropical Paradise.

20 Day package

Come and join us for 20 days of fitness, nutrition, wellness seminars and cultural activities!

30 Day package

Our 30 day package, ideal for people who want to challenge themselves and take their fitness to the next level!


What our clients are saying.

Fitness Member
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I started training with TFC four weeks ago and I can't believe I'm already seeing visible changes in my shape and power. I never thought it be possible in such a short time! The sessions were accurately challenging, motivating, fun and professional that I felt energized during the whole day and couldn't wait for the next session. The team is very experienced in assessing the strengths of trainees and understanding their personal needs.

After a long break from training and gaining weight, I had no hope that I could get back into shape again. I was completely frustrated with myself. However, TFC succeeded in a very short time to make a significant change not only physically but also mentally. It was something not possible for me to achieve just by myself. I was definitely in good hands and joining David's program is the best decision I made since I came to Phuket.
Fitness Member
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I decided to set a challenge for my current body and health. I didn't exercise for quite some time due to being injured so I set myself this challenge. I was very much worried about participating in this type of camp. TFC hosts and instructors are professionals! The training was hard yet manageable , but I now feel excellent. Thanks 👍
Fitness Member
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I found the whole experience exhilarating from start to finish. It was all I expected and so so much more. Everyday was so great and the adventures were incredible. The food was great ( and I can be a fussy eater)! But they catered for me in every way.

I loved the exercise and felt like it changed my outlook on training completely. This retreat is a must if you like the outdoors and making new friends. I personally will be back. Thanks to the fantastic staff who were always available
Dawn & Glenda
Dawn & Glenda
Fitness Member
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We had such a great time at TFC! Being complete beginners we felt supported by the team every step of the way. We were very nervous to try the Muay Thai but we had such a great time and the coaches were very good with us newbies! The food was excellent and we learned so much about nutrition and how we can apply it to our daily lives.

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Welcome to Tropical Fitness Collective

Thailand is currently in its rainy season, so expect more rain than usual. The waterfalls are flowing abundantly, the scenery is lush and green, and the temperatures are cooler, making it ideal for those who struggle with the heat.

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